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"After my transplant, I embraced life as if I was playing catch up"

I was blessed to be saved multiple times in my lifetime. From renal failure to code blues to seizures to blindness in my right eye to the countless machines I was hooked up to keep me alive, I was saved. Saved by the incredible medical team I had by my side & support of loved ones that never gave up on me. Then I received my kidney transplant, which gave me a second chance . My name is @zoranajournals and this is my #yogasavedmylife story . After my transplant, I embraced life as if playing catch up with experiences that were lost while I was sick. I participated in reckless behaviors, partying & putting myself in dangerous situations: honestly, coming out of them alive was a miracle in itself! I finally grew up, fell in love, & got married . Going through an identity crisis, looking for hobbies, I found yoga. At first, I practiced to become stronger: to control my body, as it has always controlled me . As I became stronger, I was more intune with my body; it was incredible, & I could see all my medical diagnosis behind me. Then I was told I was going through perimenopause at 31. My life crumbled . I sank into a dark hole of tears & rage. Angry that I was given this second chance of life - but unable to live it as I wanted - because of this body I was given! . I returned to my mat because, at that time, it was the only thing I thought I knew . And there is where I left it all… the rage, the tears, the fears; I left it in complete surrender. With each practice, I began to see a true reflection of myself. Beyond the diagnosis, traumas & fears, I saw me for me . I realized I wasn’t living life but surviving it. All those times I was saved was about survival. It wasn’t until I stepped onto my mat that I was truly saved. Saved in a way where I learned the true beauty of my body & how to live. Live beyond my stories, traumas, & fears . Yoga gave me my power back. It saved me from myself & my dark shadows. It teaches me more about faith & grace as I surrender onto my mat, & how each moment in my life was happening FOR me, never against me. The dance of my life is the true embrace 💚 .


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