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"At two years of sobriety, untreated depression and anxiety took over my life"

Meet the truly inspirational Evonne Sullivan @evonnesullivan,  a yoga teacher based in Canada specialising in yoga & mindfulness for mental health & addiction recovery. A tireless advocate for the benefits of regular practice on Mental health, we are priveliged that Evonne supports our #yogasavedmylife campaign in sharing her story. These are her words ❤

"At my lowest point I could not think, talk or definitely not drink my way out the depression & anxiety. The resulting period of isolation became a time to research and learn

Reading countless articles on the mental health benefits of YOGA gave me the courage to start attending classes. Over time, a regular practice helped me heal from major depression and treat daily anxiety 🙏 Five years into recovery, I created the program ‘Yoga for Wellness & Recovery’, teaching yoga and mindfulness specifically for those dealing with mental health and/or addiction challenges

I am fortunate to be able to share healing experiences and tools on a daily basis, as well as support the recovery movement through . 🙏 Yoga saved my life…talking about it helps to save others"


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