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"I can honestly say that I would not be where I am now without yoga in my life"

What do you do when you get your 1000th follower...? Of course, you DM them & say "Hey, you've no idea who I am ...but would you mind sharing your life story with me? At which point, number 1000 runs away leaving you with 999; or turns out to be an incredibly cool yogini who responds immediately saying "Awesome😀  What do you want to know?" . So, with no life changing prizes on offer for being number 1000, simply knowing that her words might inspire someone else to give yoga a try; here's follower 1K  @rynharrison & these are her words 🙏 . "I'd practiced yoga sporadically over the years, but really got more consistent in the past year. I started struggling with a lot of things & my head was a jumbled mess. Mostly, I had a deep sense of loss I was losing relationships & things that were very sacred to me. I know that’s a natural part of life at times, but I was having difficulty stressing over what was ultimately beyond my control. I came to my practice almost every day, sometimes in complete despair, other times optimistic about the future Yoga became my consistent in my very inconsistent life. I would definitely not be where I am now without it. More often than not, I now approach my practice with optimism and joy Yoga both calms and challenges me and I am exceedingly grateful.  Namaste, Ryn🙏" Of course, being number 1000 makes Ryn kind of special & we are incredibly grateful to her...but no more special than every single amazing one of you who has stepped up & shared their very personal stories of recovery & transformation. To every one of you we are truly truly grateful, along with every other one of the 1000 & rising who has followed us, helped us, supported us & wanted to be a part of our #yogasavedmylife tribe in one way or another. Thank you all for inspiring us & inspiring each other every single day ❤❤❤


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