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"I started yoga on the recommendation of an eating disorder counsellor back in 2014"

Meet @georgina_mariee sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "I arrived at my first class skeptical, I hated things that were slow, I wasn’t flexible, and my only experience of yoga had been laughing at the back of a gym with my best friend, our legs thrown back over our heads in what I now know to be shoulder stand . But that first class changed my life. Every Sunday I would go to yoga, and in that hour would lose myself like I hadn’t been able to in years. For the first time in my memory I didn’t think about food or my body. It felt like freedom . And the thing is, the more I threw myself into yoga on my mat, the more I realised I was changing off it too. OFF MY MAT and in RECOVERY: I know I’ll most likely never diet again. I have created a non-negotiable rule that I eat three warm, nourishing meals a day . And I do not allow myself to run more that twice a week.This is where I am at right now, and maybe it will change. But yoga enabled me to understand, feel and contemplate an awareness that wasn’t there before - with the world around me and within myself . . I often say yoga saved me, but really it just gave me the tools to better understand how to save myself 🙏 . . At first it was a feeling of space, as I lost myself in the practice, which made me see freedom was possible. Then it was learning to slow down enough to listen to my body better, as someone who has always pushed their way through life . My yoga practice was the first place I found space from the cruel noise that bubbled away in my head. For a moment 'I am enough here' made sense. And I really do believe that if we can find that on our mat, it gives us something to anchor onto, and then take with us, so we can slowly transform our everyday lives too 💚 Georgina " .


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