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I suffered from depression throughout my childhood, and it became particularly vicious in highschool

Meet Jessica @anthropoyoga sharing her yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤ . . "I was put on anti-depressants, for which I am actually very grateful, as my family and I had no other way of addressing my depression - and they honestly did help . . In 1999, I left for college, where I enrolled in yoga as an extra-curricular. It was a Sivananda class; this was way before any IG,YouTube,or Facebook and the “fanciest” pose was headstand! . . For me, the mindfulness meditation and breathwork, combined with the physical Asana, began to open my eyes to a different way of viewing my mind . . I enrolled in a second semester, and after that, continued to practice at one of the few studios that existed at the time . . I still remember the day I threw my meds away and said “I can face this differently” . . I have now been 18 years med free. Has it been hard? Yes. Where there times when I felt like I had no control and maybe needed meds again? Hell yes! . . Did my depression go away? No. But yoga has given me the tools to see my mind differently, to accept and love my dark side, and recognize that I am complete, whole, and unbroken just as I am ❤ Namaste, Jessica 🙏"


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