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"It felt like Chronic Migraine stole my yoga - I couldn’t do asana, it was all too much"

Meet Emily @movementwithmigraine these are her words 💚 . . "I took my first vinyasa class when I was 19 in my 1st year of uni. At that time I was a stressed out mess, fresh from a year abroad & struggling with an eating disorder. Dropping into child’s pose in that first class I cried - it felt like coming home to my body & my breath in a way I could never have expected. Reading that back it sounds corny as hell, but it’s true. Yoga got me back in touch with myself, beyond the food, perfectionism, back to basics. 5yrs later, I graduated top of my class but was miserable & lacking direction. 6mnths into my new career I made a snap decision & quit my job, started yoga teacher training" . Since then yoga has been like a golden thread woven through my life. Not always the focus, but there when I needed it. I taught vinyasa & yin for 6yrs before taking a break to have my daughter, & teaching brought me so much joy . When my husband nearly died a year after we married, it was yoga that kept me steady. He had to have emergency surgery to save his life. This experience, & his diagnosis of Crohns disease set me on a new path. I wanted to know how yoga could help those with chronic illness & pain. I am now studying Exercise Physiology at university, which is hard but fulfilling . Unexpectedly, I also developed a chronic illness after my daughter was born. Previously I had suffered one migraine attack a month since I was a child. By the time Freya turned 1 I was having 18-25 a month. It felt like Chronic Migraine stole my yoga - I couldn’t do asana, I didn’t want to meditate with the pain, it was all too much . I made my way back to movement & yoga this year, & created @movementwithmigraine to share with others who want to do the same. Reclaiming my practice has been wonderful. It isn’t what it used to be, but nor am I. I accept the change. Yoga truly has changed my life & been a raft in rough seas . I love to practice chair yoga now, or gentle yin or restorative asana, & meditate regularly. Yoga is for everyone, you just have to adapt it to meet you where you are now 💚


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