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it turned out to be a Retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer almost only found in children

"I had my left eye removed as a baby after my parents noticed a strange dot on my pupil: it turned out to be a Retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer almost only found in children" . . Meet yoga teacher Danae Borsani @soulseekergirl. This is her #yogasavedmylife story; "Luckily I was so young that none of this is in my conscious memory, so it was traumatic for my parents, less for me at the time. Growing up with one eye, it was so normal for me that the only people traumatised were my classmates when I'd pop my glass eye out to show them . . However, then came puberty & all that teenage angst over appearances & I became self conscious. The bullying didn't help . Resulting in me questioning, "WHY ME?" I did enjoy my teenage years, I learned coping mechanisms &  tricks with make up etc; but of course, insecurity was subconsciously always there . . Eventually Yoga entered my life & I learned to accept that this is me. It will not change. In fact if someone asked me now at 24, I wouldn’t  change a  thing about my eye(s) . . A reality check & self love came with Yoga.  I'd drove myself crazy about my glass eye & suddenly realized, no body cares! I care. So much. Pathetically. Way too much. Me, me, me. My ego hid from me my beautiful side because my eye was 'different.  I am lucky that I can see at all! Grateful I can afford  buy a prosthetic eye! . . Yoga peeled away the layers of ego & insecurity; replacing it with self-love & acceptance. It is a continuous practice and it takes a hell lot of time, effort & study. I will never fully arrive. Just as physical Yoga is a continuous practice, so is the self exploration. But doing things like this, writing about it & having people relate to my story; that is truly fulfilling . . I say to every one of you lacking self love, confidence, acceptance or strength due to their past or physical appearance. Don't let your mind rule your life. There's no such thing as an imperfection. You are powerful beyond measure & it is your birth right to live your highest self & shine your light on others to help them do the same The wisest thing we will ever learn & be grateful for is to LOVE OURSELVES ❤


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