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Meet sharing her ##yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"Just over 2 years ago I was seriously ill with a rare strain of E.coli - I picked it up whilst in India attending an Ashtanga intensive. I was already in kidney failure when I was admitted to hospital here in Dubai & spent a total of 3 weeks there: for each of the 6 days I was in ICU I had 6 hours of kidney dialysis & 6 hours of blood transfusions. The diagnosis was illusive: at my weakest, I needed oxygen just to lay in bed, I couldn’t speak properly, walk without help, had double vision, was unable to even stand up from a chair without assistance & gained 14kgs due to steroids. I have personal experience of what ‘piercing the veil’ means" . . "I was in a body I just didn’t know. I’d always been a very active & independent person… now I was learning big time how we are not our body, we are the essence inside . But, how amazing this vehicle of the body actually is. Never give up . After numerous test results the diagnosis was found and my recovery started . Returning to my mat returned me to a space where I could reconnect with both my inner and outer strength. Starting off very small and gentle, I reminded my physical form of the asana patterns it had previously been very familiar with: repetition helped it build strength & confidence, my breath became deeper and stronger. I returned to teaching as soon as I could and the support I had from my students was amazing . I completely recovered . Those of you who practice with me know my classes end with a private moment to send thanks & appreciation into our body. This ritual is very close to my heart & now, as I put this past behind me, I’ve been able to share why. I encourage each of us to find those moments of gratitude every time we come to the mat 🙏 . ( I’m British, but live & teach Yoga in Dubai, UAE . Swiping left you’ll see a recent hyperlapse of my variation to the #bottletopchallege as a way of me sharing part of my journey with you x Claire)


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