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Meet @courtrandyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 

"I was faced with a situation in college that challenged my beliefs in myself, everyone around me, the world- and for a few months, the world controlled me. On one afternoon drive, the world almost won. I lost my sight completely; blinded by hurt, rage, exhaustion, betrayal, sadness" . "8 days before my graduation, I gave up. I said goodbye and drove to my favorite hike outside of town . For one moment, I sat on the cliff side and paused. For one moment, I found peace and quiet. I felt alone and it was okay and not okay all at the same time. If it wasn’t for the police officer who showed up on that cliff side with me, and a group of beautiful friends who knew where I may be - I cannot say confidently that I would be here on this Earth today, but I do know that I paused, I breathed and found silence and peace for a small moment . At the time I didn’t know what this meant or how powerful this would be for my future . The time after this was a blur. My memories are in chunks for the 9 months following. Getting out of bed and walking upstairs was considered a accomplishment. I had lost sight of my place in the world. I forgot the meaning of purpose and happiness. I saw my plans fall through; I lost control of myself and my life. I remained in the dark of brain fog and stillness and did nothing for 9 months . One day, I knew I needed control over my life. A friend taught yoga and told me a 200 hour Teacher training was coming up. The intensive 8 week program seemed like a good distraction and something to do. Having never stepped foot in a yoga studio, I began my journey to become a teacher . I took my own life for granted. Before yoga, I went through the motions of life with little conscious thought . Through my own self study, I fell in love with myself again. I fell in love with the world and the feeling of fresh air on my face- the feeling of each breath filling my body with life. I found conscious breath. My breath practice is my tool in my exciting and dark moments. It is my life force that I promise to never take for granted again 🙏 . Much love, Courtney💚 .


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