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Meet Johanna @jmuhsbradley sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"In one moment I was married for 17 years with three beautiful children and two active parents who loved my family & me. The next moment my mom died suddenly of lung cancer, My dad was in the end stages of Alzheimer’s, & I was a victim of domestic abuse. Ultimately my husband’s addiction & mental health issues led him to shoot himself in front of myself and youngest son - the rest of the kids right outside the room. Everything changed

My mind couldn’t truly process what had happened nor could I understand my new reality.I had been practicing yoga along my journey, but after my husband’s death, and ensuing ptsd, yoga became my solace. Yoga was the practice that began bringing me back into my body, back into my breath


Seated meditation was too painful for me. Yoga allowed me to calm my mind for periods of time without getting stuck in a traumatic loop


Yoga was the tool that allowed me to feel calm and stable enough to care for myself and my three children. Breathing and moving in yoga class allowed me to integrate trauma and grief and carry it with grace


The pain didn’t disappear, but in yoga I gained the tools to recognize and hold the pain without reacting negatively


I entered teacher training and have been teaching yoga for three years. I’m opening a studio next year. My desire is to help others experience the healing benefits of Yoga 💚 Johanna 🙏"


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