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Meet @karmayogakim sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 💚

"My high school years & early 20s were consumed by a physically & mentally abusive relationship. I’ve had bruises, black eyes, broken bones. I was made to feel like no one else would want me. That relationship ended with him pulling a gun, me escaping to the police; a restraining order & him going to jail for 3 years. I’d like to consider myself one of the lucky ones. I was able to break free from, but left with mental & physical scars that I buried & tried so hard to forget" . "Later, in 2015, I got engaged to the love of my life. However, the 2 years leading up to our wedding were anything but blissful. I had 2 grandparents pass away within a year, 3 months later my father had a life altering stroke which left him paralyzed & unable to work. 4 months after that, my mother’s twin sister died. My family was falling apart & I was trying to plan what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Needless to say, my nerves were SHOT once it was over . Everything from my past & present just came to a head and exploded in the form of severe panic & anxiety attacks: anticipating the next bad thing to happen to me or my loved ones. Anxiety attacks manifested with numbness in my hands & face, my brain would spiral & I'd call my husband at night because I thought I was going to die. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, which only added to it all . I decided enough was enough & before I started looking for a therapist - which wasn’t really covered under my health insurance - I thought I'd try yoga again. I'd done a few Yoga with Adriene videos in the past so I went back to her YouTube. Gradually, I noticed a change. My panic attacks grew less frequent. My mind became less fearful. I kept going . Now years later, I still practice every day. In a way, I’m grateful that I had to go through, because it opened my eyes to my purpose. I need to help others who have been through & going through similar. I need them to know they’re not alone & can overcome it. And to help me do that, my YTT will be next 🙏


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