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Meet @melissaghattasyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 💚

"I’m from Australia, a culture where boozing is the “norm”, even encouraged, & I found myself like most teenagers drowning myself in alcohol & drugs" . "I was disconnected from my true Self. Out of touch with my spiritual core . I couldn’t recall that part of my Self from my childhood years, that was joyful & free . I had body dismorphia & an unease with being in my skin, a loneliness that I masked by having lots of friends . I never dared to share my true thoughts of myself or my bulimia. I was bulimic on & off for a good 13 years of my life. From around 16 to 29 . I didn’t understand it! I couldn’t comprehend the “normality” of eating . I couldn’t share this back then, as I was ashamed of my inability to be “normal” & fearful of being judged . My brokenness refused to see my light. Instead it was easier to binge eat, drink & party . What inspired me to first share this (5 years ago) was a private yoga student of mine who on the surface seemed “privileged” in every aspect of her life . An affluent career, a loving husband with devoted children.When she shared with me that she suffered from bulimia, it was the first time I recognised, that I had healed . It was in that moment I finally felt unencumbered & I could be of service . I shared with her, how yoga invited me back home; into my heart, into love. That through yoga I was recalibrated into my truth . Through body, through breath, through mind, we awaken into the wisdom of who we are.It’s an inner engineering to return to our place of wholeness & integrity . And this is accessible for EVERYONE . Yoga for me is a spiritual/therapeutic discipline, that through our direct experience can heal & transform . It’s inspiring to read & hear so many stories out there of how yoga has saved lives . Thank you Lee @fierce_calm for inviting me to your platform & inspiring me to share my story 🙏 . Thank you to all of you who share your stories and are finding your way back home 💚 . I’m now 41 and grateful everyday for my health in body, mind & spirit . I am grateful everyday that I am a part of something that is everything 🙏"


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