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Meet @msjodijohnston sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I was a pretty lost person before getting into yoga and meditation! I had no clue who I was & lived life through others. I’m so glad I found yoga" . "Yoga started me on a path to understanding myself and being content with who I am deep down. Nobody’s perfect . I started to see for myself that I was in control of my life & had the ability to change . I got comfortable in my own skin by understanding myself & my values . It gave my body & mind what it was craving deep down: awareness & understanding at a time when sugar & alcohol were solutions . It taught me to respect myself, set boundaries, do the right thing & live in truth & acceptance . It gave me this awesome high which made me want to keep taking better care of myself . I’m more at ease in life in general & that’s exactly what was missing before. No more hiding & no more lies . I follow my intuition now & it’s a relief to have an opinion & a direction, after a lifetime of confusion through people-pleasing .⠀ It showed me the power of wellbeing . Finding time to pause each day and tune into inner feelings, and fully watch them exactly as they are, brings clarity and confidence in what the next right action should be . Trust me, if you do it enough, it will change the way you connect with yourself and others. And there’s nothing better than that! 💕⠀ .


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