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Meet @sam_adhi_yoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 💚 

"Over a decade ago, I was very sick - physically, mentally, spiritually. Deeply entrenched in the struggle of anorexia, I (at the time) couldn't see my way through this darkness. I found myself tangled in self-hatred, lies to the ones I loved, unbelievable emotional pain while at the same time immense numbness. I teetered closely on the edge of death. Others monitored me at what felt every moment. Every meal was a desperate battle. I was restricted of exercise, save one weekly, gentle, yoga class, per my doctor's recommendation" . . "Reluctantly, I entered my first class intimidated, imbalanced & unsure. I struggled sitting in my own skin. Being cued to breathe into my belly - were they kidding?! Encouraged to "find hOMe in my mind & body," when I was bombarded with painful, caustic thoughts & behaviors seemed the furthest thing from my reach. Yet, after rolling up my mat & returning back into the world – something inexplicably shifted. I was a bit closer to the person I was meant to be - my true & loving self . Yoga reminds us of our inherent belonging, our beauty transcending physical form, & how deeply connected we are to one another . While I had an unbelievably incredible support system helping me see through this time, I also have yoga to thank (again & again) for being such an influential catalyst in my subtler healing & transformation. For rewiring mental patterns, relearning how to treat my body with kindness & compassion, & returning to a space of self-love and care . I'm so passionate about sharing this magic with others, committed to the practice of yoga, now a full time yoga teacher . Today, I stand strong, & while I still have days where I experience darkness and doubt, I now have my mat to return to breathe & simply be. And to the amazing cOMmunity at @theriveryoga & @samadhiyogadenver who always uplift me. Yoga helped me move through the darkness so that I could blossom 💚 . . . 📸@jes_kphotography


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