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Meet Tasha @ineffableyogi sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"For anyone with suffering with their mental health, you know how debilitating it can be" . "I have a long history with yoga. I’ll start by saying the beginning of my metamorphosis journey with yoga began when I was 16. The ebb & flow of it’s practice on & off the mat is what helped embrace my shadow self & learn how to appreciate who I am mind, body, & soul . . My entire life has been a conundrum of anxious depressive states & the dedicated practice of yoga pulled me out of the sinking sand I felt engulfed in . . Vulnerability on the mat deepened my gratitude for life & helped me show up for myself. My yoga mat is my cocoon & sanctuary. I discovered the necessity of self-acceptance, self-love, & self-respect through growing into my yogini goddess self . . Being submerged in yoga eased my anxiety & depression because I had to work inward to see results. Yoga is something I need, yoga saved my life. I discovered that as I stayed committed to my practice, my mind, heart, & soul filled with desire to live. Learning how to properly breathe, meditate, & flow through life are tools that I believe every Earthling needs . . Show up for yourself & be the butterfly your cocoon is capable of molding you into ❤ . Tasha 🙏


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