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"My story starts in Jail"

Meet @dannydholmes sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words 💚 . . "My journey of yoga and my path as a Sādhaka started in a place called jail nearly 4 years ago... Yes a crazy place and situation to be in, but that’s the truth of when the realisation started and the journey began. • Involved in gang culture and crimes I don’t really want to mention on here (you get the drift) and stuff I will take to the grave or next life with me! (But trust me I’ve been eradicating these bad karmas with all of my heart) it had moments of me thinking “yeah this is the life I’ll always lead”. Prior to this 6 years ago after the passing of my grandma that’s when I really woke up and started to see the differences of my reality. It’s not easy to just get up and leave something you’ve done since 14-15 years of age. So as the story goes on I ended up in Walton HMP Liverpool on charges of section 20 x2 and afray x2, were prosecutors started at a level before section 18 which is in our country basically is gang violence on another gang that happened to run a strip club. My yoga journey started inside locked up were I took yoga and mindfulness classes and read all the books from the library I could get my hands on. When speaking with the monk who ran the classes he said to me he saw one of 2 visions for me: either gang leader or spiritual teacher... I guess he was right. After quitting gang life on release I took 4 yoga classes a week plus self practice, got a regular job and in January 2019 passed my RYT in India, and I’ve not been back to England since, as I get jobs teaching yoga around the world now, and have plans to set a yoga studio in the mediterranean . So yes yoga saves lives & gives eternal positivity and spiritual awareness. I love my life & I love the universe for giving me this opportunity . Like they say.... The universe delivers when the person is ready. Om Namah shivaya 🕉


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