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On two separate occasions, I picked a way to end myself.

"On two separate occasions, I picked a way to end myself. And I would compulsively go over the imaginary aftermath in my head #Yogasavedmylife . My name is Nicole and the person I am now thinks back on the past person, and is embarrassed about how much that girl had to learn about what made her happy . The veterinary profession holds one of the highest suicide rates. When I interview potential vet students for my alma mater @stgeorgesu I make damn sure to ask about candidates' hobbies. From where I stand, not nearly enough veterinarians identify with much outside of being a practitioner of veterinary medicine, and being that practitioner has its profound lows that naturally polarize the sky-scraping highs - Thanks to yoga I'm at a point where I'm bursting to share everything that I love about life with other people, especially other vets and techs. So, I'm finally committing to yoga teacher training over the next year, starting with 200 h first thing in 2020. - The world is brighter with you in it, doing what you love 💚


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