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The sudden loss of a family member shook my innermost foundations

"When yoga found me, in 2009 I was lost. Life had broken me"

Meet the wonderful Lara @mintyogini, currently teaching in Morocco.  This is her story:

" I had been living on my own for years, sucked into the luxury / fashion industry & lost touch with who I used to be, what mattered to me. Then the unexpected happened. The sudden loss of a family member shook my innermost foundations Yoga found me in a fancy London gym , trying to sweat out my pain, distract myself. I had taken leave from work &, flown halfway around the world looking for anonymity , so that I could be left alone – safe from the judgement of family & friends

I stepped into my first yoga class with no idea  what to expect.  The first round of sun salutation  left me confused , but I kept going somehow managing the transition from one asana to another until the end… when we were asked to lay down on the mat I didn’t know what savasana was, no idea what we were going to do.  So I lay on the mat, my mind racing, waiting for a cue that never came. Suddenly I was elsewhere ! Words cannot describe the feeling, that moment when I wasn’t in that  room anymore!  Alone with myself. Facing myself. It felt as if someone long forgotten had shown up after years of absence to whisper in my ear ‘remember me?’ . Who am I? . I remembered. I saw myself – the Me that had been there before life & survival. I saw the Me who loved to read seek knowledge. Me that had minored in religion in college,  intrigued, had faith in a spiritual path. Me that loved religion – that could never give up on finding the meaning of life

I  started to heal that very moment. After I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt at ease & shaken up. Everything I had built around me had suddenly disappeared. I simply could not relate anymore. Accepting this was like hitting rock bottom; realizing that those anxieties were delusion. And with this realisation I was a new person

I never looked back & In 2011, I completed my YTT  intent on helping others & sharing the knowledge & benefits of yoga. Yoga saved me, it continues to give me perspective,  to grow as a human being ❤ #yogasavedmylife


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