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"When the thought of suicide, seemed like the only option"

Meet Kerry @naturesconnection sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words💚 . . "I had practiced yoga on and off from around age 12, having a mum as a yoga teacher, it kinda just becomes something you do. I tried many styles of yoga, and would drift in and drift out of a practice. As a young adult I had anorexia and the desire to stay thin was the reason I did any form of exercise, I would always come back to a yoga practice and then feel better and stop. In and out for years . . I moved through the tormentual cycles of eating disorders and anxiety and then years later went onto having my first child around the age of 28, then a divorce and years of challenges with being a single mum, there was a lot of growing and processing and I built my strength again. Until around 4 years ago, I had gone through another breakup, illness and a family crisis (my son had chosen to live with his dad). MY life felt like it was slipping through my fingers, my son was the reason I lived, he was my everything and I couldn’t hold on to it anymore. No amount of force, control or pleading was going to change the situation and I remember feeling that everyone would be better off without me. Life really sucked. It was hard to see through the darkness . . SO I took myself off to my local yoga school and within 2 years of weekly practice, this time a steady/consistent practice, also a daily practice at home. I embarked on my teachers training. I am now a qualified and practicing Yoga teacher. Still a student but also a teacher has kept me steady. I feel like I want to live again. I have rebuilt my life, I have built my strength in both body and mind, I have many purposes to be alive. I am SO glad that yoga pulled me out of the desperation, the sadness, the desire to end my life . . Yoga has taught me to ride the waves, to trust and believe that EVERYTHING has a purpose. And I am Constant, I am ALIVE ☀ . Namaste, Kerry ❤🙏


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