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Yoga brought awareness consciousness and spirituality into my life supporting me to be fully present

"Before yoga I was fearful, insecure, jealous, competitive, a gossiper, a pleaser, codependent, super controlling, anxious about what people thought about me. A perfectionist" . Meet beautiful Brazilian soul Luciana Freire @yogasamba, RYT500 & somatic  therapist. This is her #yogasavedmylife story, how Yoga brought her home. These are her words: 🙏 . "Life was hard, rigid & exhausting. But in 2000 yoga arrived in my life. The breath, the postures, the 8 limbs, the philosophers of yoga & the old school practice started to take over my life: melting the walls of fear, conditions & patterns & shifting me back to unconditional love . I started to feel stronger, had greater clarity, more confident. Gossiping was no longer fun, I learned that people will judge you, no matter what & that they are doing the best they can to survive their own pain. I learned that pleasing people is exhausting & futile. I started to collaborate more because I learned that there is space in this world for each one of us. I learned to appreciate what I have.  I became grateful . I met peace. Stillness and solitude became my favorite state. I learned how to observe, contemplate & listen. I learned to value silence Yoga introduced me to compassion, unconditional love & forgiveness towards myself & the world around me. I learned that if I want more love & kindness in the world; I have to give it. I learned that resentment & anger makes me sick so today I don’t hold no grudges ❤ . . I express everything. I learned that people carry different energies and vibrations & I can choose what is aligned with myself. I understand that I won’t fit in with every group, every community, & that’s ok. I learned that I don’t need to have shame to be genuinely kind. I love to be kind. I enjoy loving & caring about people & the world & that is not a weakness but strength Yoga brought awareness, consciousness and spirituality into my life, supporting me to be fully present in my body, mind, heart & world ❤ . Yoga brought me back HOME 💕 .


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