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"Yoga is an instrument in my becoming the woman I ought to be..."

Meet @yogawithlatisha sharing her story with us. These are her words💚 . . "Introduced to yoga about 14-15 years ago. I was looking for something with both fierce & calm. Life was so chaotic, I was married with two young boys & working in corporate. I was seeking a routine that would maintain my fit & trim size (sitting long periods was/is not good) . Asana was in & out of my life until I made a commitment. After my divorce, my eldest was away in college & my youngest preparing for his college phase. I was asked, "how do you define yourself?" . I immediately answered by saying "I am a mom". The response: "okay, but before that...? . I had to give some thought to this. Somehow, I got lost or caught up in titles & nouns . One of my favourite Puerto Rican poets Julia de Burgos states it best - I am life, I am strength, I am woman. To add, I am a child of God. A mother of two really great guys. I am here to live a purposeful life; intentional & impactful . I am living life & enjoying its most simple pleasures & creating highlights like skydiving. I enjoy giving back to my community, especially to our kids in any method or capacity. It takes a village to raise ALL of our children & they are our future! . On the mat, it means breath & flow. The connection to my faith; breath of life (Inhale) followed by movement (Exhale) . Before committing to yoga, it was just a standing appointment, a workout routine. Today, I am making it my own, it's an instrument in my toolkit. Commingling the physicality, mentality, & spirituality to becoming the woman I ought to be . Simultaneously, practicing yoga it’s humbling and victorious. Each time on the mat I rediscover something new. No judgement. No competition. Accepting what is, in that moment . Life stresses takes residence in the body and asanas helps with elimination and creating space. That is what I relay to my students . During meditation, I am in full gratitude and praise. It’s devotional time! . This is my yoga 🙏


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