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Yoga is for everyone

It's impossible not to read a #yogasavedmylife story every day & be moved to try & make this incredible practice available to those who need it most 🙏 That's why this community has evolved into more than these stories on a page. If the only people who can say yoga saved my life are the ones who can afford it, or feel welcome within this space, then we're not really doing yoga. We're failing in our practice off the mats . In the words of our friends @ybicoalition "YOGA IS FOR... Every age. Every race & ethnicity. Every class & socioeconomic status. Every gender identity & sexual orientation. Every size, shape, height, weight & dis/ability" . Cost is just one barrier & why with your help we're able to offer, as well as support other charities providing free yoga to those who wouldn't otherwise have access. It's why, for example, we've partnered with @hali__love to provide YTT scholarships (DM us or Hali to chat) . . But we know we can do more, we need to keep asking the questions, trying to do better. Thanks to @theboysclubfitness for this important reminder: "Have you worked towards removing the barriers to your practices to make them accessible? How are you cultivating a more diverse space? . Do you know modifications for different levels of physical abilities? Are you offering them shame free? How accessible is your facility? Do you only cater to the able bodied? Do you have equipment that can be used for different levels? Are you promoting diet culture & fatphobia in your practice? Is there wheelchair access? Do you offer trial visits to see how accessible your practice/space is? Are your staff trained? Are you trained? Do you offer options for affordable services? Is your locker & changing area accessible? Is you space audible & visual accessible? Is your reception area accessible? Is your entrance / parking accessible? . Who is missing from the yoga space? . REMOVE THE BARRIERS ! . . 📸


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