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"Yoga saved me, overcoming postpartum depression and the loss of my husband"

Meet the wonderful Tammura, @birdsofafeather_journey who has shared her #yogasavedmylife story to help others going through a similar situation ❤ DM to add your story to inspire others 🙏

"My pregnancy and birth of my baby boy Rocco was text book perfect. I was able to have him naturally. He had ten fingers, ten toes, and his energy was full of life. This euphoria of happy began to change as guilt set in and took over. My baby was four months old and the guilt became real. No one warns you of its impact. I began to spiral out of control. I was losing sleep and getting paranoid that something bad was going to happen to my baby. Throughout my days, I went from anger to complete mental breakdown. A fire within began to boil inside my belly and into my throat. I could not believe my truth much less speak the truth. Whatever I was thinking needed to remain a was terrible! If I told anyone, they would deem me crazy. I wanted so badly to get better. In order to heal, I had to bring the root to the surface The truth was that I was miserable and felt I was not a good mom. Plus, something was wrong because how can a mom not bond with her child. I did not want to harm him, but I hated myself for not being a normal loving mom to my baby. I was insecure and jealous of the relationship with his father. What I didn’t realize was that I was suffering from postpartum depression I needed help. I found the courage to reach out to my husband, family, and my doctor. The support helped me to get up and keep going. I am glad my son bonded so deeply with his father. We lost his father Bert  three years ago. Yoga saved me. I went from student to teacher, but always mindful that I am always a student. There are so many lessons to continue to learn. Yoga saves me daily and hope you it can help you Peace love and light Namaste 🙏" .

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