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Fierce Calm is providing free yoga and trauma therapy sessions to adults, children and their families in Ukraine.

We are also supporting and funding our yoga teachers, studios & partners in the region dedicated to helping those who desperately need our help by co-ordinating and distributing emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes and trauma resilience / wellbeing training & support in the region to, and alongside, humanitarian agencies in the worst areas in Ukraine.



Our yoga program in Sambir, Ukraine, is being driven buy our remarkable project leader Yuliiya Denisova Rubinshtein from her studio - Ashtanga Yoga Ukraine - where her team are providing a healing community space and support for all,  while offering free Fierce Calm funded yoga classes to adults, children and their guardians, including the availability of one to one therapy sessions with trained therapists. We have also secured and managed to supply Ukrainian language children's colour therapy books for families to take away on their journey, helping them process a whole new range of unexpected and terrifying emotions. And our remarkable teachers, like Yuliiya, are doing this while volunteering in humanitarian aid centres, distributing medical supplies and supporting animal shelters.


It is with the support of our global yoga community that we are able to help sustain our yoga community in Ukraine in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Your donations, merchandise purchases and fundraising yoga classes are having an immediate impact making a huge, tangible difference, empowering our yoga family on the ground helping others in need.

Any amount, whether by donating to us , by organising a fundraiser or purchasing fundraising clothes or humanitarian aid items from our store, makes a huge, immediate impact. Fierce Calm is entirely voluntary and every penny goes directly to support our work.

Safe Water for Ukraine

Gift purchase a vital water filtration device for our partner medical teams in Ukraine, and your donation will also provide a year of safe water to a child in need via a program based in Kenya.

Gift a Water Purification Kit Here

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