We are a non-profit community of yoga practitioners from all backgrounds and abilities who have come together as a movement to inspire & empower each other without judgement and with compassion.


The word Yoga means 'Union' 

We have united to be of service to others. 


Our network of community ambassadors & activists are committed to raising awareness and funding in support of our specialist trauma informed yoga programmes and registered charity partners. 

Our aim: to make yoga accessible to all while supporting the most vulnerable in society and make the healing power of yoga and self regulation practices accessible to all within a diverse, welcoming environment of safety, inclusivity, dignity and empowerment. 

Social justice is at the heart of our yoga and we strive to remove all barriers to access so that all may lead happy, fulfilling and dignified lives.

What we do

Our community programme covers 4 key areas:

  • free trauma informed yoga classes

  • scholarships,  free educational programmes, anti racism training

  • financial support for BIPOC/ BAME, marginalised yoga teachers and non-profit programmes

  • Provision of free yoga mats for community yoga programmes

Communities we serve

We provide free yoga classes, directly or in partnership with non-profit organisations, in shelters and community spaces, for marginalised and vulnerable groups such as refugees, survivors of domestic violence, survivors of violence and conflict, and people facing systemic bias due to sexual orientation, income, age, racial or cultural identity.

We provide YTT scholarships for BIPOC/BAME students in training delivered by BIPOC/BAME teachers. We also provide scholarships to train refugee and marginalised students trauma informed teaching skills.

We lead the delivery of the OURMALA studio, community and online beneficiary yoga programme for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.


Fierce Calm have partnered with Yoga For Humankind to create Circles of Connection:  online gatherings that provide an intentional, guided space to come together, engage in authentic conversation, and explore heartfelt and embodied practices to create new cultures of connection, belonging and social change.


If you've wondered how you can help our mission to make yoga accessible to all and support the most vulnerable in society, there are a few things you can do.  


Your donation will help us support our community projects, raise funds and awareness for our charity partners, support our yoga teacher scholarship program and help us to provide essential items such as yoga mats to existing and start up community yoga projects. 

Buy our Merchandise

All profits from our clothing range go directly to support our community yoga program 


Check out the Fierce Calm Podcast hosted by our Global Ambassador Danni Pomplun, featuring inspiring guests and compelling personal accounts about Yoga's ability to transform lives


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