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What is the Fierce Calm 108?
Traditionally, practicing 108 Sun Salutations is reserved for the change of the seasons. For Fierce Calm we practice 108 sun salutations together with our community around the world to celebrate International Yoga day, on the summer solstice. It’s a way of coming together on our mats, even if we can’t be in the same physical location. The Fierce Calm 108 aims to create a sense of community and use our collective power to support the causes we believe in by raising funds and awareness for them.

Do I have to do 108 sun salutations?
Only if that’s right for you. We want this practice to be accessible for everyone and so would suggest 108 minutes of mindful movement, perhaps a yin practice or 108 minutes of meditation as alternative options.

Do I have to follow your 108 plan?
We will be broadcasting the Fierce Calm 108 on instagram and you are very welcome to join us and follow along if that works for you. Our main event will be broadcast live via Instagram live under the #fiercecalm108 hashtag. Alternatively you can determine the sun salutation plan that you want to follow. All options are welcomed.

When does it take place?
21st June 2020 at 4pm BST

Do I have to run my event at the same time as the main one?
Of course it would be great if we could all practice together, but we recognise that many of you live in different time zones. So please organise your event for a time that suits wherever you are in the world.

How can I get involved?
You can get involved in a number of ways:
● Host a Fierce Calm 108 at your own studio
● Host a Fierce Calm 108 at your local studio (with the permission of the owner)

● Host a Fierce Calm 108 at a local park or any other location that you think will work.
Last year friends hosted 108s in some wild locations: at the top of a mountain in
California, at a Lido next to the water, in Battery Park in New York City, on Ipanema
Beach, and half way up a mountain in Scotland to name but a few.
Make sure that you get any permissions that might be needed for public spaces.
● Take part by following along with us at home on your mat
● Invite some friends around to your place and make it a yoga party!

How can I advertise my Fierce Calm 108?
Use whichever channels suit you best, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or
traditional paper posters or flyers. We can help by providing templates for social media posts, posters and flyers. We will also advertise all events that we know about and will show them on a global map on our website.

How do I raise money for the good causes?
If you are running a Fierce Calm 108 event then you can fundraise in a number of ways:
● Ask the yogis who are attending to each raise £$108 in sponsorship
● Charge each yogi an appropriate amount. We suggest 10.80 but you know what’s
right for your community so charge accordingly.
● Make your Fierce Calm 108 donation based and leave your yogis to determine what
they can afford
● Include the price of our 108 t shirts (£25) in your ticket price and we will get these to you in time for the big day
● Get creative - last year one event had an artist painting the 108 as it happened and
this was auctioned to raise more funds. Other friends baked cakes and sold them to
raise additional funds.
If you are taking part at home get your friends to sponsor you, or donate whatever amount is
right for you.

How do I make my donation?
Go to where we will provide a link to all participating charities donation
pages. This will be live from 1st June.

FC108 7.png
FC108 7.png
FC108 7.png
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