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FIERCE CALM 108 2020

Let's bring the Yoga World together on June 21st.

We can let this situation divide us, isolate us...or we can connect through the practices that we love, online, in spirit, wherever we are in the world. Join us in practicing together on International Day of Yoga, wherever you are, at the exact same moment.

Last June, the Fierce Calm family united across the globe for one moment in time & practiced simultaneously, in over 500 locations, in yoga studios, beaches, parks, festivals, stores, individually, online, at home in 27 different countries. We did it to raise money for charity & we did it because it felt like there was a real need to unite the planet in love  The feeling of connection in knowing that we were all practicing at the same time around the world was unforgettable & magical.

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Now this year, we're going to need to find a way to connect like never before. This is the Yoga festival that cannot be cancelled! Let's make sure there are thousands of us rolling out our mats across the planet at an allotted time on June 21st moving & meditating together. Everyone is invited. Join us. Wherever you are. Let's make this happen.


We will be broadcasting, along with others around the world simultaneously, a practice led by our ambassadors & friends for others to follow, via several platforms & digital partners. Follow along, wherever you are

We're supporting our charity partners like @ourmala @ecyoutreach @exhale2inhale @africayogaproject @bornecharity & the charities that matter to you where you are. At this time, you may even choose to support a local studio or teacher facing hardship as a result of restrictions.

Community - Let's make this work. You amazed us last year as a family. But let's go bigger. Let's go beyond the @fierce_calm Community.  I'm reaching out to all: communities, brands, platforms, teachers influencers, event organisers & inviting you all to join us. Support us. Let's unite.

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