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"I was born with Hip Dysplasia & had a total of seven hip surgeries by the age of 15"

Meet Sarah Bofinger @mergoddess11 sharing her inspirational story with us 🙏 . . "Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to come true but you allowed fear & doubt to direct you in a different path. For me that dream was to become a Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming. It wasn’t until overcoming my struggles on my own that I began my Bikram Yoga practice in 2017 . . I'm my last surgery I was put on a morphine pump which lead to pain pill & alcohol abuse & created a sense of unworthiness that I carried for many years. I got into relationships that didn’t serve me, failed college & had jobs I didn’t like just for a paycheck . . In 2014 I announced I would train for the Olympics with no clue how I would get there or what changes I would have to make to become who I’ve always been. In 2015 I hit a breaking moment. A 9 year relationship  ended & I had nowhere to go and no money. I was scared & wanted to end my life. I couldn’t  see a future. Something inside kept me going. Friends showed up when I needed them most. I started meditating & looking for the answers within: the one place I'd never looked before. I had tried yoga before, but hadn't go into it . . I had read about Bikram Yoga & how the heat & postures were beneficial physically and mentally.  I emailed the owner of @bikramyogaworks to ask if I could benefit from this practice. Would it help me heal myself for the Olympics? I heard back & she agreed to meet with me. At first it was hard and I didn’t like it really . . But,  after committing to a daily practice I've started seeing changes in myself & my swimming. I became vegan in November & love the way I feel. I'm now an ambassador for the studio & the discipline & structure Bikram Yoga provides allows you to look within & find your inner superhero . . The Olympics has been chasing me since birth: after one year of Bikram Yoga I see my purpose & it’s bigger than the Olympics . . The struggles I have been through have molded me to become the inspiration I have always wanted to be. It’s never been about the Olympics, it’s the journey through the self to the self ❤🙏"


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