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Meet @bemindflow sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I broke my femur three years back. I was put into a place of self-reflection when I had the fracture. Suddenly all activities and independence I had were taken away from me. While relearning how to walk after surgery & slowly introducing movements, I got back to Yoga. First on a physical level, to regain the flexibility I had lost, but secondly to bring in more spirituality into my life"

"Once I signed into the Yoga Studio, I planned on joining twice or three times a week. After a few weeks, I saw myself going every day. I started to use my mornings in such a nourishing way. I understood the power of waking up earlier to spend time for myself with a morning meditation, gratitude exercises, journaling, and yoga, of course


One year and a half later I was part of a teacher training that I have recently concluded


Yoga is life-changing. It brings me the wholeness and the guidelines to live life to its fullest potential.

Yoga is the best lifestyle every human being could have and apply every day in their lives


Since I have decided to deepen my Yoga knowledge, jumping into a more consistent self-practice, I started to live Yoga, to see Yoga as a science of Living, and applying it to how I see and live my life. And since I have understood that, I am able to reach a much more balanced state every day. In chaos outside, or when suffering from an accident, the best you could get is peace within. And that is exactly what yoga brought and brings me every day


I learned to accept the circumstances as they are, and see an opportunity to grow. I have overcome my injury physically in a brilliant manner thanks to Yoga, but more than that, Yoga helped me reaching that peace in the chaos, the light in the darkness 🙏 Ana"


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