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After years of dealing with pain, illness and fear. I decided it was time to take control of my life

"After years of dealing with pain, illness and fear brought on by early stages of immune dysfunction, I decided it was time to take control of my life" .

Meet Delaney and @delaneypower, Yoga student from Ontario, sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us to inspire others. Thank you Delaney❤ These are her words: 🙏

"I have not always been this optimistic, open and loving person. I mean, I guess parts of me always were this person. But those parts were clouded by a wildfire of negative thinking, anxiety, self doubt and self harm I was done being defined by my condition or diagnosis. I was done being not enough. I was done being unprepared. I was done missing out.  I needed something;somewhere to focus my energy I starting practicing hot yoga almost 2 years ago, as a low intensity replacement for my usual weight-lighting workout routines, which were encouraging my already inflamed joints. I immediately fell in love with the practice Not only was it mesmerizing to just move and feel with my breath, but the way I looked at things felt a little different every time I left my mat. In times when I felt swells of anxiety, I would practice my breathing. When I would be in pain, I learned to move and restore the body. I began practicing all the time, mostly at home in the comfort of my own space Something that began as an after-work activity became a constant though, a constant longing, a way of life 🙏 The practice that began as an exercise class began to change my way of thinking; my way of being

I began my 200hr YTT in September and it has been the most rewarding, tough and transformative thing I have ever done for myself - I feel as if this is just the tip of the ice berg; for learning, teaching, understanding ❤

I learn everyday the reward this practice has to offer, I look forward to constant growth and learning; to forever being the student. Learning how to love myself, understand myself no matter where I am, and pass that onto others. 💗 The light within me, sees, honours, and bows down to the light within you, Namaste 🙏 .


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