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Meet Dubai based Ashtanga teacher Lara Bogdanovic @laraandyoga her yogasavedmylife story with us .

"I was unfulfilled – emotionally, spiritually, professionally. I was lacking self love, purpose.

From that void came the need of wanting to know myself

I had it all. I tried it all. I lived a life that looked so good on the outside.

On the surface it was all there. Family & friends, PR job , never ending parties, pool parties, VIP lifestyle, openings and invitations.


And then there was the other side. The real side.

There was Anxiety. Fear. Emptiness.

Behind the happy mask, there was broken me, hiding.

Scared to face the world. But most importantly scared to face myself. I had to save myself. I had to find myself again. Yogasavedmylife


It was Ashtanga yoga specifically that helped me reconnect with myself by cultivating inner awareness. Yoga seemed like a freedom and that was something I was longing for. Freedom from my old self. But in order to gain that freedom, I had to work hard and feel the pain.

Once we start seeing what our bodies are capable of, we gain more courage and confidence in life and in what future holds in front of us


With practice, our true potential starts to reveal and we start realizing our possibilities that were hidden and dormant for many, many years. Through the daily devoted practice, dedication and fire for the practice – tapas, we start achieving results that were previously unimaginable.

By witnessing that change and transformation as a result of that practice, we invite trust and somehow we confidently know that, yes all is coming


Yoga is an experience and it can only happen once you are ready to change your lifestyle & remove the veil of ignorance 🙏" .


📸@atifbalouch for @ik_lifestyle

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