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Meet @evan_soroka sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 💚

"I have Type 1 Diabetes. Yoga has been the greatest tool to help me live a full & healthy life!" . "The TRUTH is that have not always been so good at being me. I was a rebellious and challenging teenager. I did not always treat myself like a temple. I smoked, drank heavily & avoided feeling my pain even when I was a yogi. When I found yoga therapy I began the process of healing . When I first began yoga at age 15 just 2 years after being diagnosed I noticed that yoga helped me feel embodied & less driven by frantic emotions. Often those emotions were in a response to frustrations built up from erratic blood sugars & hormonal changes of becoming a woman . After about a decade of a very intense yoga asana practice my body began to deteriorate. I developed disc degeneration in my lumbar spine & could no longer practice in the same way . I felt deeply lost & unsure of how to recreate that wonderous feeling once experienced after I had sweat myself into blissful oblivion . It was then I found yoga therapy. The simple movements & emphasis on breath immediately helped me tap into that feeling I was missing. It was better; deeper, potent, powerful & transformational. I could change my body, breath, mind & actions. My relationships improved. The pain subsided. I suddenly had tools to cope & empower myself to rise above diabetes, life’s challenges & crippling fear . This is my love letter to Yoga. You are my solice & refuge. In times of joy, in times of dispair you never cease to be my advocate. When I arrive sometimes I don’t want to be there. I see my aversions, resistance & pain. I see beauty, light & freedom abiding harmoniously with ugliness, darkness & servitude. You show me how to remain open, unbiased & curious about all aspects of life. You show me that nature is inside & outside of me; that there is no limit to what I can access, understand or feel. You are my brother & my sister, my mother & father. I practice to connect with myself deeply & you continue to guide me daily even if I am distracted even if I don’t think its working you show me that surrender is more powerful than anything" 🙏


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