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Meet Health Coach Maria Marcano @ommywellness sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us.

"I did not find yoga. It found me. An anxious, frazzled, latte drinking and secretly sugar binging girl in stilettos, climbing the corporate ladder

Yoga found me without a mat or yoga clothes. It was the grace of God working through my friend and coworker that took me to that evening #ashtanga class. I was lost and sore, but there was not going back


I flirted with it like I had flirted with almost everything in my life. But in the middle of so many inconsistencies it became a constant. It was a miracle. I hanged on to it for sanity, for escape, for dear life. It never asked me for anything in return, it became the love of my life...however, like with any relationship it came with ups and downs. But even when I though I wasn't going to stay with it, I knew I had not stopped loving it. It never left, it transformed


I would not teach yoga had it not saved me. I would not wake up at 5am to receive students if I didn't know this is saving them too. Not me, not what I suggest, cue or do...but the mystical power this ancient technology does in their bodies and minds. I say all the time, I don't care that they flow, I care that they BE



And today, when I find myself crying at the mat almost every day, facing these hard times, I know that landing in my raw body full of emotions is the only thing that has worked for me.. and based on my breath & movement students' feedback, the same is true to them... .

Land in your body, use it as the magical tool it is. Be here now 🙏 Maria ❤


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