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Meet our friend @leeannelliott sharing a #yogasavedmylife story with us

"When I discovered yoga, there was so much trauma, fear & disconnect, so much stuck energy in my body, I moved like a robot. I was tight and stiff and super competitive, I injured my body a lot in those first few years"

"I'm not entirely sure what kept me coming back, but week after week I'd find myself back on my mat or in studio, following the guidance of my teachers


With time, I noticed small changes in my body, the ability to move more freely, I observed the release of tension in my mind, little by little. Somewhere along the lines my practice shifted from just the physical asanas, to incorporate the other aspects as well. I found yoga not only soothed my body, but my soul as well. My teacher reminds me that the body is the home of the soul and both have to be constantly nourished to thrive


When I teach, I don't just teach from a series of shapes, I have the privilege of sharing from my wealth of experience, of how yoga literally saved my life, drawing me into the here and now, this moment, something I could not access a decade ago as it was too terrifying to even attempt"


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