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Meet Iris @yoga_perspectives sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"For over a decade, I was just a dedicated practitioner. Then, one ankle sprain too many and for about 15 months in total, I couldn’t walk without pain

It dawned on me how much yoga had taught me, as it allowed me to stay active; my safe space where I could still move, breathe and be in the moment


This was particularly important when it turned out that surgery only solved part of the problem – just when I had signed up for my YTT. That ankle was painful & unstable, yet here I was: rolling out my mat every day, figuring out what I could & could not do. It also helped deal with the loneliness, caused by limited mobility, & fear: would I ever walk normally again?


The day after graduation I had more surgery. Back on the mat just 2 days later, which helped manage the pain – did you know that some hypermobile people are virtually immune to painkillers? Recovery went well & miracles started to happen, all helped by a daily practice. After 7 weeks, I was playing golf! It emerged that I had been able to maintain enough flexibility & strength to enjoy life and a nearly unconstrained practice again. Exactly 3 months later, I even started teaching


Throughout the process, my surgeon & my lovely physio supported me with clear guidance on what was safe. Both were impressed by my quick return to a fully active life & give credit to my practice. That’s certainly true, but it understates how critical yoga was to my mental state – the ability to celebrate the possible, to treasure the present. But it also created a deeper understanding of the importance of movement, especially when a long-term issue causes compensation & imbalances. Not to forget the impact of confidence: if you think you can’t, you won’t!


Now 9 months after the second surgery, some limitations remain – the ankle is relatively “stiff”, it’s sensitive to touch & fear is still a factor. I’m gradually pushing the edge & finding new boundaries. Some days, I can’t believe how lucky I am. I’ve been sharing my journey to encourage anyone who is struggling – it may be difficult but it's worth it! 🙏" .


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