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Meet @jodimcleanyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"From a very young age, I recall ample curiosity. But I also recall being drawn back often by worry & anxiety. It was as though my true nature was hidden behind a cloud. Nothing made me feel as good or as alive as dancing" . . " I spent 15 years of my life eating, breathing, sleeping ballet. If you’ve been in this life, you know what it takes . But after years of disguise, perfection, and rejection I began to question my path. Suddenly I wanted to know more about this big world as it opened in front of me. I realized I’d been hiding behind an image & I decided to leave my life as a dancer behind . I filled the void with various things, but pain set in. How could I regain my sense of purpose after an identity so strong? I stumbled, making poor choices, feeling so lost and in my mid 20s my health declined. Angst was manifesting inside of me in many ways. I was 25 and starting all over again. I moved between bouts of depression and hopelessness . I began to ritualize a once inconsistent yoga practice as my means for self-expression. Little did I know just how much it had to offer; mentally, physically and spiritually. Finally, I saw a light. I made a conscious choice to understand my suffering and take it with me as a lesson so I could move forward . Yoga became my guide and I began to realize it was much more than just poses. My trajectory began to change. Full of purpose and potential, I began to receive things that were already in front of me for years but went unnoticed. I opened my heart and by doing so I began to see the world in a completely different way . My new journey began into a world where I felt hope and contentment without a nagging state of worry. I could express myself without fear. I broke free of old habits holding me back from becoming my best version. I began to realize perfection and acceptance were products of my own perception. I simply needed to polish off my sooty contact lenses and search for clarity within my heart. I began to heal 💚 . Yoga saved my life 🙏


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