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Meet Pia @northernstar_yoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"Unfortunately the tumor is malignant" . . "Malignant. That word. Spoken by my doctor. Changed my life . My world came crashing down. Breast cancer at 29. Before my life had even really started? And now there was a chance I had to leave soon? I can’t tell you how this one sentence changed everything I had ever known in my entire life . Maybe it was the thought of the end in sight or maybe trauma just forces you to wake up from sleepwalking through life... I don’t know what it was, but within a year of my treatments I parted ways with everything I thought I had wanted my whole life . One day, a couple years after the diagnosis -after I had already ditched my favorite activity - running at the time - I decided I would do an online yoga class at home . All of my doctors had recommended it for cancer recovery. I remember this day like it was yesterday though. After one hour of practice all of a sudden I was able to lift up my right arm again which had been stiff since the surgeries. I could breathe calmly, which I know I hadn’t done since the diagnosis. My heart rate after savasana was lower than I had known it for years and I felt pure JOY . That day was about two years ago. And since then I have made yoga a part of my life. I move out of joy every day. I feel healthy again. I won the battle against cancer fatigue and a deep and overwhelming depression because of yoga. I now feel my body and my emotions very clearly so I can act and react accordingly and not push myself into things I don’t want anymore. #yogachangedmylife 🙏 . And now after five years of being cancer free, I am ready to embark on new journeys with a renewed hope and faith that what matters most is NOW. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow 🌄 . Yoga is my shield. My immunity. My present moment. And for that I am grateful 💚 Pia .


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