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Meet @stormieblonde_yoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at age 16 & I’m 39 now. My entire life from around age 21 has revolved around learning to manage it AND help others do the same. In fact, my purpose in life is to help others navigate through the pain & stress of life in general, but especially fibromyalgia

5 years ago I was in a neck brace from decades of trauma.

My C1 and C2 are anterior to my C3 (they are supposed to be posterior), there’s degenerative disk disease & a couple of my cervical vertebrae are rotated


In my early 20s I got a lot of aggression out by slamming myself as hard as I could into angry dudes in mosh pits


In my late 20s I brought my aggression outlet onto the stage, screaming into a mic, jumping around on stage & into the crowd, and head-banging like my life depended on it


I was always drunk & usually high, before I found sobriety & then yoga


5 years ago I was lying on my back, demonstrating an exercise to a client in the gym. I sat up too quickly and instantly couldn't move my neck.

It started a journey of searching for the right doctor.

It started a journey of easing back on my craziness.

A journey of accepting my new limitations.

Never would I have expected I would be doing things like this without any pain during or after. Then there's the Fibromyalgia .

This is why my life revolves around yoga.

This morning I woke up cranky, stressed, & in pain.

It took a lot to drag myself to the studio to practice.

But I know damn well that if I didn’t get my ass on my mat, all that crap would just get worse, & I’m on a new mission to stop pissing my poor husband off.

So I went at it with the attitude of just moving my body. No plan, no giving a shit about perfect alignment or timing.

Just letting go gave me a surge of energy that barely stopped for 30 minutes


30 minutes of mental distraction, which became a pain distraction, which allowed me to finally catch a breath.

Even if it didn’t last long, I got a break.

Sometimes that’s more than I can ask for, living in this human pod" 💚 Renee


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