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Meet Tracey @soul_good_yogauk sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤

"After years of suffering a herniated spinal disc & sciatica that left me lay flat in bed for months on end, yoga saved me. It brought me back to life again"

. "I had undergone spinal surgery, dragged myself off my addiction to the 25 tablets that I took each day to manage my pain, lost my job and felt at the lowest point in my whole life. I was utterly depressed, left with a body that could walk again, but my whole left side was weak, filled with tingling nerve pain and I was completely out of alignment as well as being around 20lbs overweight . . Yoga allowed me to begin to rebuild not only my physical body but my mental state too. The 60 minutes in class were the only time that I didn't feel anxious. In fact I didn't 'feel' anything at all. I could breathe, move and flow along without any moments of stress or any particular thoughts at all. I gained confidence, regained my flexibility slowly and saw the weight steadily come off as I sweated my way through Hot Vinyasa Flow classes. I would say that I didn't find yoga, IT found me, shook my world upside down and showed me a glimmer of hope . . I knew that I needed to learn more, stretch beyond the physical aspects of yoga and help others too. In 2017 I completed my YTT and 10 months later I'm teaching 15 classes a week, with a complete determination to help people keep their backs healthy and pain free and their minds free from the strains of every day life . . Yoga still saves my life on a weekly basis, breaking down my fears of injuring myself again, challenging me to let go of everything that caused the pain and to look forward, onwards and upwards . . Yoga has given me a new career, a passion, the opportunity to meet some amazingly inspirational people...and most importantly, it has let me come home into this body. Yoga saved my life, and I will be eternally grateful x Tracey 🙏"


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