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My name is Kirstin @k.sternel and this is my #yogasavedmylife story

Away from family & friends, opening a cafe in a new city & dealing with a lot of health & family issues I dropped into a Yoga class in Hamburg & found this peaceful place within my mind & my body. . The moment when I dived into my body, guided by the beat of my breath & my mind arrived right in the moment, I could feel peace & happiness . Really challenging times followed: after experiencing the greatest gift in my life - giving birth to an awesome baby boy - my body struck back, in the form of an overactive thyroid, as a consequence of disregarding my needs for too long. This was followed by the much more serious effects of a brain tumor (luckily a benign one) such as adrenal insuffiency. And then there were the struggles of a long battle with an eating disorder. This is when Yoga really became my anchor. And after a period of time I didn‘t need any more of the medication the doctors told me I would need to be taking for the rest of my life . . Listening & being able to control my breath helped me through the hardest times of my life also when my dad was supposed to die of lung cancer (a wonder he survived) but my mum 3 years later didn’t win the fight . At the times when I thought I would never see the light again, yoga showed to me that I could. It saved my life especially when through the sudden death of my mum, I learned to be sure to do the things you love most NOW . I did my 200 AYA vinyasa teacher training, could learn from awsome teachers and a wonderful community, at least also from what is inside me. In my eyes yoga is the best way to help yourself through all the challenges in life but also help you see the beauty. That‘s why I love to teach yoga & try to help everyone see the ability that‘s already inside them 💚


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