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"The phrase ' I bend so I don't break' really sums up everything about yoga for me"

Meet @shirl_loveyourself_yogini Sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us to inspire others. These are her words " I turned to Yoga as a way of coping with my stress and struggles. Being a working mum and wife has taken a toll on my body and mind. At times I ask myself: How did I even get past that turmoil; how did I cope with that pressure. I had stopped loving myself for a really long time because I became a giver. I found joy in this but it began to drain me....slowly Then I discovered Yoga and fell in love with myself again🙏 . Like the waterfall that never stops flowing, I seek my one hour of happiness every single day on the mat;  where its all about me. Just me: my growth...... I feel so alive at every yoga session.  have found the missing piece in my life....gosh....I had missed me so much for so long!  With Yoga I have found myself. I can give love, but I must start with myself. On Valentines day last week I told myself " I love you and I have missed you and I am gonna cherish you forever" . With Yoga and my meditation I found the balance that I have always needed"


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