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Yoga has calmed & grounded me, it’s taught me to fly

Meet Bridie @theenchantedlife. I wasn't going to post a story today. Didn't have time to edit some of the amazing stories we've got lined up, bit rushed. Then I get a message from the lovely Bridie; Bridie: "Hey! This is a beautiful idea (your page) but I don't know if my story is the type of #yogasavedmylife thing you're after, I wouldn't know what to write Me: Don't worry, if you wanted to share, it's your story. Every story counts! .

Bridie: "Well, Yoga saved me in a sense I was quite lost and didn’t know what path to choose. I’d just had a hysterectomy scare & knew I needed a different path. I'd practiced yoga regularly but never thought of myself as a yogi or yoga person. 6 weeks after my operation when I was able to exercise again I went to my first class & the teacher came up to me after and said; I don’t know what’s going on in your life but you really need to follow this yoga journey. So I did I wanted to go on a retreat but the only thing available was a YTT. So I hesitantly emailed to see if it was ok, because you know I wasn’t a yogi & I had no intentions of being a teacher. They accepted me. So I packed my life up, booked it & went.  The rest as they say is history 🙏 My guru made me promise if anyone asked me to teach I’d say yes... & eight years later I’m still only teaching when people ask; & I’ve been teaching constantly since! This is the year I choose to make conscious decisions & I’m choosing to really “be” a yoga teacher,  let go of the ego if I’m not good enough (because the ego swings both ways!) . Me: So...Yoga's changed your life Bridie: oh yeah! I was lost before! Stressed. Yoga has calmed & grounded me, it’s taught me to fly and it keeps teaching me lessons: everyday, whether I’m on the mat or not, because “yoga” isn’t just on the mat... it’s only the beginning! . Like your Fierce Calm, you just need to see where this goes, this community of people. Like my yoga story...Enjoy the ride babe let it unfold and don’t hold any pressure to anything what is meant to be will simply be. Just go for it. ❤ So how would I write my story, what do you need?"

Me: "This. You just wrote it 😀 🙏"


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