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"Yoga is the one thing that quiets my mind and soul. Yoga heals. Inside and out"

Meet Ellie Hockett @ellieandolly , she wrote this because she's as eager as we are to encourage others to the mat. These are her words: . . . "Back in 2012, I started out by going to a couple classes at my local gym. To me, it was for after intense cardio days when I wanted to relax. I obviously had no idea how much more Yoga would do for me. Thankfully for these classes, it taught me the basic poses that helped with my foundation of my practice. After a couple months, I moved to California where I Craigslist searched ‘Yoga’ and I came across this ad searching for someone to do yoga with. This lady, who later became one of the most influential women in my life, had just gotten back from an ashram where she ate, slept and breathed Yoga. Her and I met almost every day for about a year where she taught me everything I know about meditation and yoga and I will forever be so grateful for her. I later moved to San Francisco where there were a few classes here and there from a yoga studio but I mostly preferred practising wherever I felt I needed to- my house, at the park, the beach or a friends house.

Yoga has been one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life. There was a time when I stopped doing it and oh boy could I tell it was when I needed it the most. 🙏 Remember, everyone’s journey on how they get started is very different and because of this, their practice will look different as well. That is what is so great in Yoga is there is no comparison or competing. We are all on the same journey of self realization and exploring and yoga helps us in this. ❤️"


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