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"Yoga saved me. It saved my sanity, my marriage, my family" .

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Meet @amybradleyyoga, this is her #yogasavedmylife story

"I had four children in 8 years & my third was autistic. He was diagnosed quite late, age 7, as this was before the development of Autism Awareness. We were alone with a child who couldn’t handle public spaces, being around more than one person at a time or changes. Days were full of his violent meltdowns leaving us all exhausted My stress level & anxiety grew in direct proportion to his & it was difficult for his siblings. My identity as a mother, self-worth, my naturally joyful outlook suffered greatly . . l was finally struck severe depression. With medication & therapy I improved, but really just treading water. Until I found yoga 🙏 . The sweet relief & calm those first breaths gave me. The safety & security of just lying down on my mat. Being present. Letting 'what ifs' slip away

I learned to take yoga off my mat. Breathing through every meltdown, upsetting incident, through his panic attacks, and eventually through the difficulties my other children would eventually have I wanted to take my practice further. I swallowed my nerves, ignored the voice in my head that was telling me it was stupid; & began YTT. It was transformative As a registered nurse  I have an understanding of the body & physiology of disease, symptoms, medication side effects, and also wanted to address the fact that many people who have anxiety or other issues don't or can't go to a regular studio. They (WE) are the people who need it the most Seniors; middle-aged moms wanting to lose that baby weight, the 40 y.o men with aching backs, people with chronic illness or injury. My parents, My cousin battling breast cancer. My friend with Lupus , another with Lyme disease. People with a history of trauma, anxiety or depression I opened Feel Better With Yoga, with 2 friends, to cater for all needs, creating The Restorative Center for mind, body, spirit in Houston; bringing yoga, nutrition, personal fitness, psychotherapy, & counseling under one roof Yoga saved my life, I bring it to others to save them too ❤


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