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"Yoga will change your life, if you let it."

Meet Jennifer Herrera, Integrative Coach, Facilitator of Women's circles & 500hrRYT @msjenniferherrera. She's an inspiration to us because she uses her yoga knowledge to teach in prisons, sharing her wisdom with those most in need. We're delighted she agreed to share with us for the #yogasavedmylife campaign. These are her words 🙏 "Yoga has been a place of remembrance for me.  It's the place I have had the most luck in quieting the mind long enough to remember who I am and what I am doing here.  The movement of our bodies, connecting with muscles I had little access to prior, holding in poses that feel challenging urging me to call on my self-compassion, coupled with the deep peace that follows every practice; there is nothing like it. ❤ Yoga is a practice and it is the most potent teacher I have experienced reminding me of the humility of being a beginner. For me, understanding the construction of a pose, and how to use all the surrounding muscles to support and deepen within has developed my confidence. . 🙏 Yoga can be a physical workout - depending upon the class you are participating in, what's also available is the mental, emotional, and spiritual "workout." .

Yoga Service I have the privilege of being a part of the Prison Yoga and Mediation Team. On a weekly basis we teach yoga and mediation to men and women who are currently incarcerated.  Our purpose is to share compassion, love and respect to women and men in the most need. Yoga has the ability to bring peace to whomever or wherever it is practiced.  When a quality of peace can be accessed within, a new way of relating and BEING in the world will occur."


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