As you might expect, due to COVID restrictions, most of our events, workshops and training courses are being held online. 

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Copy of A workshop to help teachers feel more confident supporting LGBT+ people to practic

An Online Workshop to Help Teachers Feel More Confident supporting LGBT+ People to Practice
Saturday 9th October 4-7pm

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An Online Workshop 4 ALL Teachers, Facilitators, Studio Owners & Students - all profits in aid of our community outreach program 4 the most vulnerable. Tiered pricing, donate what you can afford !


Yoga is a practice that should be available to everyone, but we know that many people feel excluded & unwelcome in mainstream yoga classes. Yoga classes are often very heteronormative and cis-normative spaces. If you want to feel more confident supporting LGBT+ students in your classes and learn how you can encourage more LGBT+ people to practice yoga, then this is the workshop for you


We will take an intersectional, trauma sensitive, anti-racist, & body positive approach as we investigate discrimination, oppression, power, & LGBTphobia

At the end of this workshop you will:

Feel more confident supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Intersex, Asexual, Queer and Questioning students in your classes


•Understand the context of LGBT+ experiences in the UK

Be able to audit your classes, studio, and online presence to make LGBT+ people feel more welcome.

• Have a greater understanding of power, privilege, and how to be an ally for LGBT+ people within your classes, studios, and community



Our Facilitator Gabi Markham (she/her) has been practicing yoga since childhood & teaching for over 6 years. Since coming out as bisexual at 18, Gabi has been an active LGBT+ activist and educator; leading LGBT+ trainings in schools, youth movements, & for civil servants. In 2018 Gabi co-founded Laviot (, a social and supportive community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people


Gabi is passionate about finding equity and justice through yoga & making yoga classes safer and braver spaces for LGBT+ people

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Introduction to Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga to Diverse Communities

2nd & 3rd October 2021

Fierce Calm manages the OURMALA refugee /asylum seeker yoga program & we have co-created this training for anyone interested in teaching evidence-based yoga that is sensitive to trauma, gender & cultural difference to their community. With OURMALA we have 10 years experience in working with the UK asylum system & refugee community, and all of what you will learn is transferable to use with other community yoga projects


This training is in line with the latest international best practice for working with people who have experienced trauma, & is suitable for teachers seeking to serve a more diverse population. This training is led by Claire Collison, with significant knowledge & international experience working with diverse & vulnerable groups. It also includes lectures delivered by the Dr Stephanie Minchin from THE MINDED INSTITUTE on the science of yoga, therapy & trauma.


Topics Covered:


• An overview of trauma informed, inclusive, accessible yoga & how to adapt your teaching to diverse &/or vulnerable populations


•Ethical considerations teaching yoga to vulnerable groups


•Boundaries, empathy & sensitivity


•The science behind yoga in relation to working with vulnerable populations


•Yoga philosophy & cultural sensitivity


•Exploration of case studies for challenging situations in the yoga studio

We welcome yoga teachers from all backgrounds and all lineages. Our approach is first and foremost deeply heartfelt and rooted in sincere yoga practice. 


We have a number of scholarship places available for members of our community of a marginalised identity or minority ethnicity.

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