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 FIERCE CALM provides weekly Trauma Informed Yoga sessions focusing on self regulation techniques incorporating breathing and mindfulness practices at Ukraine's first Habilitation centre for people experiencing life changing injuries and acute trauma during the war. This new facility in LVIV is an initiative of the Alliance for Public Health in cooperation with the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN.

“HAB | Lviv Habilitation Center” is a transitional barrier-free space that provides an opportunity to safely survive the experience of war in order to move on. Veterans and civilians who have already undergone physical rehabilitation at the UNBROKEN Center and need to adapt to new living conditions will learn new skills here.

The idea behind the center is the term “habilitation,” which is the basis of the name and means a combination of psychological assistance, group work, and self-study. With the help of coaches, psychologists, and rehabilitation specialists, veterans and civilians will spend three weeks learning to be autonomous in an inclusive space and beyond.

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