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OURMALA provides a welcoming space to breathe and heal through yoga. 
At Fierce Calm, we are proud to partner with OURMALA. On OURMALA's behalf, we run the yoga programme for people seeking international protection in the UK and manage and facilitate the OURMALA trauma informed teacher training.

OURMALA has been delivering specialist yoga classes for people seeking international protection in the UK, such as refugees, since 2011. Our services are all free and we refund the cost of travel, without which most could not afford to attend.

We run gender-sensitive classes for women. We also work with children, young people and men. We work in partnership with organisations that share our values.

We use our expertise to provide high quality yoga classes for others to help us fund the free classes for refugees. Our special project for the Grenfell Tower community is an example of this.

We also provide yoga in the workplace.

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