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Fierce Calm have partnered with Yoga For Humankind to create Circles of Connection:  online gatherings that provide an intentional, guided space to come together, engage in authentic conversation, and explore heartfelt and embodied practices to create new cultures of connection, belonging and social change.


More than ever, as physical and social distancing have become a rapid reality, people are realising more than ever the importance of connection. Folks all over the world are reaching out, connecting and sharing with loved ones, long-lost friends and community via online platforms, social media and neighbourhood support groups, as we are united by a common suffering. Yet it has also been exposing the deep inequities of our systems as people are affected in radically different ways according to social position, location and personal circumstances.  


We have been asking: How can we work with our current circumstances to generate authentic, vulnerable and powerful conversations, deep connections and lasting change? How can we widen our circles of connection? How can we come together across likeness and difference, to create new ways of being with each other, and new systems that are equitable and sustainable?


This is our opportunity now. As this current crisis deconstructs the current world order, we have a radical opportunity to reimagine, revision and create new ways of being. And it starts with each one of us. We call it a loving rebellion, because it takes courage, vulnerability and a willingness to lean in. But the call to action has clearly arrived.



As our Circles of Connection deepen and widen in the future, you are invited to create your own CoC pod within your own local (or global) community. We’ll provide a format, resources, guided practices and support to create a meaningful experience of deep connection and collective action within your own community



For a deeper personal and educational dive, you’re also invited to join our online course, CONNECTED: A Journey to Personal & Collective Wellbeing, starting 1st June.


Connected is an experiential journey of reflection, embodiment and engagement for personal and collective change. Exploring five spheres of connection: Heart, Body, Mind, Nature and Human Connection, Connected offers a radical soulful practice for healing, wellbeing and a deep sense of belonging.

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