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"A few words in Savasana changed my life"

Meet @moonbeamsdiary sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "I went to a yoga class once in my early twenties. I was an adrenaline cardio junkie then & I didn’t like how yoga felt so slow & I wanted to burn as many calories possible from my workout . The real reason I didn’t go back to yoga class until years later is because, I could not be alone with my own thoughts, that came to me during Savasana. In the stillness a truth came to me and I would have to face that I was about to get married to someone who was not my soulmate and I didn’t want to be married in general, I wanted to be free. I couldn’t admit these thoughts even to myself at this time. And so I didn’t go back to class anymore . In my late twenties, I tried yoga again as I was going through my divorce. The divorce tore my family apart and I felt that I had deeply hurt the people I loved most. I felt like NOTHING, during that time. I started going to yoga more regularly and I had my first breakthrough in Savasana. When the teacher said “when you get off this mat it’s a new beginning and so is every morning you rise.” My eyes filled with tears and I just began to cry . This one saying changed my whole thought process and I knew NOW I could start to work towards healing and a new beginning 🙏 . It was full circle that what once kept me out of yoga class, now was what kept me coming back. It wasn’t the asanas that got me hooked on yoga it was the mental clarity I seemed to get from my practice and the teacher’s messages that left me feeling empowered again . During this time I vowed to find my soulmate, and I did. I realized that freedom comes when you have the courage to listen to your heart and intuition, be true to yourself and spread those wings!!! Peace and love" ~Moonbeam ❤


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